First Pres

Rev. 12/18/06





Advent began with a moving and fluid interpretation of Come Thou Long Expected Jesus, as we looked past the tinsel and glitter, seeking the true meaning of Christmas.

Soloist: Allan Kirk

Hint: Peace on Earth is still in demand.



Then our Chapel Choir singers offered a musical drama/reflection on the spirit of Christmas.

Where Love Is, God Is is based on the story by Leo Tolstoy, and adapted by Youth Choir Director Laura Sharp.

The story takes place in and around a poor cobbler's shop.

Violin accompaniment provided by Annabel Lewis and Mackenzie Robinson.

Native American flute solo by Lily Eastman.

Gordon Hibberd provided piano accompaniment for the cantata.


We already gave you the inside story on this annual musical event - suffice it to say that the reality was every bit as good as expected. Mozart's birthday gave us the excuse to select the music (Dominican Vespers) for a most significant birth.

A Mid-Winter-Night's Dream, written and directed by our very own Garrett DeGraff took place in the mythical city of Nyalba (Whalen Jennings, Mayor).

Steven Griffen opened with a guitar/vocal solo to set the stage for a very musical presentation.

Annabel Lewis stopped fiddling long enough to sing a duet with Steve - Dave Brubeck's Summer Song.

Delightful choreography provided by Amy Scarlett was a unanimous crowd-pleaser.

Nyalba Presbyterian's co-pastors bore a striking resemblance to the co-pastors of a certain other church, though a Voorheesville accent is no substitute for the melifluous tones of southern Virginia.

Soon-to-be-Deacon Albert Wood stepped in in the nick of time to accompany our energetic group on piano.

One intriguing aspect of the play, two actors dressed in black (Allison Daley and Matthew Mikhail) portrayed the inner voices of Nyalba's mayor, and OhsoSoft's CEO.

The crowd roared when our in-house playwright joined in the dance finale. One First Pres member, upon hearing a musical number by Queen opined "Now I've heard everything." She's mistaken - wait for next year!

          First Presbyterian Church - Albany, NY

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