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Rev. 12/28/14



The Snow Can't Stop Our Sound

For those of you who missed our Advent Vespers in 2003, we offer a way to share the joy at home, through the following MP3 music files. Just direct your mouse to the title of each section, then click on each piece in turn to hear all of Puccini's Magnificat.

Then click on the Organ Postlude to savor a few minutes of Nancy Frank's masterful gift.

      Puccini MAGNIFICAT
Advent Vespers

Just click your mouse over 
each section to hear it in
CD quality MP3 format.


Special thanks goes to recording engineer Wesley Frank, for his efforts to capture this live performance.

Each MP3 file is CD quality, requiring about 1 megabyte per minute, so please be patient if your are using a dial-up modem. Hungry for more? A limited edition CD is available, which also includes Gaetano Schiassi's Christmas Symphony (and other works). See Wes Frank on Sunday morning for details.

Watch for MP3's of our Good Friday Vespers, with orchestra - featuring Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ.

But why wait? We are there singing our hearts out every Sunday morning at the 10:45 service!