Building use

The property of First Presbyterian Church is for the use of the congregation and for those organizations and groups whose goals are consistent with the Church’s mission to provide for the common well-being of our community. In order to accommodate Church programs and community needs the following policy has been established by the Session (the church governing board).

Use of the building must be approved and scheduled in advance through the church office. An application form with schedule of fees is available in the church office.

Weddings and funerals are scheduled through the pastor who will inform the church office. In order to prepare for Sunday services, it is not possible to hold receptions which conclude after 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

A custodian will be present to admit the person responsible for the group using the building and to ensure that the building is secured at the close of the meeting or activity. If the custodian is not present at the time of the group’s arrival or departure, the person who has engaged the building will be responsible for calling the church contact back-up telephone number on the Building Use Request Form.

The group using the building is responsible for cleaning the rooms that have been used so that they are left the way they are found. If the building is not left in satisfactory condition, an additional cleaning fee will be assessed.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages on church premises is not permitted and smoking is not permitted in any part of the building. Fund-raising activities are not permitted except as specifically approved by the Session. However, groups are permitted to collect a cover charge to cover the costs of the event being held at First Presbyterian. No Session approval is required for the collection of a cover charge. Use of the sanctuary organ is not permitted without advance permission. Special permission must also be obtained for use of large kitchen equipment.