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For a Closer Look

by Tim O'Toole

There is a temporal quality to art. Day in and day out, the windows of First Presbyterian are caressed by sun and clouds - bringing out details with brilliant or gentle beams of light. Tiffany Window Internet websites are usually limited in what they can display.

Files must be compressed, and photos down-sized if they are to be presented to you in a reasonable amount of time.

However, we have provided a way for you to take a closer look at our two largest windows.

Both the Tiffany Sea of Galilee (left) and Lamb window (below) are segmented, enabling us to display high-resolution portions at your command.

Just click on any of the major sections of the windows on this page, and wait patiently for a detailed image of that portion of the window. Remember to use your back arrow to return to this controlling page.


Of course the best way to view our windows is in person, on a Sunday morning, during the prelude or postlude.



The Sea of Galilee (above) is bathed by gentle north light,

while the more traditional Lamb window (at right) faces west.

      Lamb Window

There are three smaller windows in the Fellowship Hall which face south (Joseph Henry, Until the Day Break, and Van der Veer); and a forgotten gem, the Chapel Window (north facing).

Click each window below for a chance to view it in high resolution.

Joseph Henry Detail


    Joseph Henry Window


    Chapel Window

    Morgan Window

    Until the Day Break
    (Fellowship Hall)

    Van Der Veer
    (Fellowship Hall


      Alpha et Omega
      Detail of Reredos

In 2004 we completed a major restoration of the Lamb window. The exterior protective lucite over both the Lamb and Tiffany Sea of Galilee windows was also replaced with more modern, durable and clear material.