First Presbyterian Church during the COVID 19 pandemic:

We have joined our neighbors across the country in prioritizing community health. For that reason, we have made some temporary changes to procedures and operations.


Please join us for our weekly Facebook livestream of worship service at 10am on Sundays. Each service will be recorded so that you can watch any of the recordings at any time thereafter. Click here for Sunday’s bulletin.

INSTRUCTIONS: we’ll normally start broadcasting about 5 min before 10am with Trevor’s prelude. Anytime after that go the main FaceBook page for First Presbyterian Church of Albany. Very close to the top (or maybe just by scrolling down slightly) you’ll see the video with the words “Live now” or something similar. Click on the video and it will open into a larger window and play.

HELPFUL TIP: if you don’t see the livestream on the home page, refresh / reload your browser screen. 

Watch Recent Sunday Videos

Pastoral Support

Pastor Glenn and Pastor Miriam are available! Contact them at 518-439-7492 or or

Congregational Care

Many among our congregation have already reached out to those among us and around who may be particularly vulnerable during this time. Please continue to check on and care for one another. Miriam, Glenn and the Deacons are working together to ensure that this natural response is organized and sustained. If you know of someone with particular needs, please reach out to Glenn or Miriam to let us know. If you would like to support the work of the Deacons and volunteer to help us stay in touch with the congregation, please let us know.

Other Church Events

All other church events have been postponed or canceled. Check back often for developing information on opportunities to gather online.

Facility Use

In order to comply with community health best practices and directives passed down from the Governor’s office First Presbyterian Church will no longer be available for meetings of any kind. We regret the difficulty this presents to many of our building use partners and wish to do whatever we can to help mitigate that stress. 

Office Business

Office Administrator Jamie and Financial Administrator Carlie are both working from their homes. You can contact them through their church emails: and

Communication with Congregation

Eblasts are sent to people who are on our emailing list. If you’d like to be included, please sign up to receive email. If you would like it surface mailed to you, also contact Jamie. Click dates below to read past eblasts.

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