Special Congregational Meeting via Zoom

Event details

  • January 30, 2022
  • 11:30 am

Our Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on January 30. However, this year, just prior to our Annual Meeting, we’ll have a Special Congregational Meeting. At this Special Meeting we will vote on changes to our Bylaws that will enable us to have virtual meetings and allow written notice of meetings to include electronic notice.

Background: These changes are necessary because of recent changes in New York State law pertaining to religious corporations. Last year we were able to hold our Annual Meeting via zoom because of a special ruling by the state. This year however, we need to make sure that our Bylaws specifically state that we can meet virtually by electronic means for our Annual Meeting. Unfortunately, New York State law does not allow us to hold hybrid meetings (in-person and virtual).

Session has decided that for the most participation by members during pandemic times, that our meetings will be held virtually via Zoom (instead of in-person). So we’ll meet via Zoom at 11:45am to vote on changes to our Bylaws. When that meeting finishes, we’ll adjourn that meeting and call to order the Annual Meeting. Worship on January 30 will be livestreamed on Facebook at 10:30.

Please plan to attend these important meetings as we’ll be celebrating our ministry in 2021 and talking about plans for First Pres’ future.