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2014 - MUSIC


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Clare Criscione
Ransom of the Soul

Susan Gierthy
Gabriel's Oboe

Ben April
Khatchaturian Tocatta

Chris Trombley (baritone)
Taizé Service
Watch and Pray


Nancy Frank's
Last Postlude

Widor Toccata


The Sounds of Love and Joy

Music is a bountiful and varied component of the worship experience at First Presbyterian. The renowned choir, under the direction of Dr. Michael Lister has mastered a repertoire of ancient and modern pieces that enrich the worship experience.

.The FPC Choir

      Nancy Frank, organist emerita front and center.  Dr. Michael Lister, music director top left.

Gifted soloists and instrumentalists provide ample affirmation to their divinely inspired talents.

Nancy Frank, our organist emerita, is acknowledged as among the most accomplished of the Capital District. Nancy celebrated her 42th year with FPC in 2015!
Her rendition of
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland J. S. Bach, arr. Paul Manz) was featured on Pipedreams' An American Organist's Christmas in 2001.

Trevor Kahlbaugh picks up where Nancy left off, joining First Pres's musical ministry in 2015, offering exceptional organ preludes and postludes, and accompanying our growing Chancel Choir under Dr. Lister's impeccable leadership.  We rehearse Thursday evenings at 7:30, just in case you would like to add your own voice to our musical offerings.

Click here to attend a virtual Organ Recital (Trevor's October 2, 2015 debut at First Presbyterian).  Thirteen pieces from his extensive classical repetroire await you.

Click here  to listen to the Chancel Choir's December 2014 performance of Vivaldi's Gloria (part of First Presbyterian's monthly participation in nearby Lark Street's First Friday activities.  Our 2015 musical gift to Albany: Mozart's DOMINICAN VESPERS.  Click here to treat your ears to the entire musical program.

FPC's Bell Choir  is back in action, under the creative and energetic direction of Jack Holmes (with brand new bells)!

Check out their 2014 video rendition of Sussex Carol!

But wait, there's still more! First Friday (November 2015) Jack's ensemble kicked off the evening with an entertaining and informative concert.  Call it "Secrets of the Bells Revealed".

Click here for a musical retrospective of the sights and sounds that permeate our sanctuary again and again.

For more information about FPC's Casavant Frères organ read
About The Organ
by Nancy Frank (she raised it from a pup).

And no, that is not her usual console. Photo was taken at our annual Homecoming Sunday in Washington Park.  

We wonder if Nancy makes house calls?


Throughout the year, FPC's Choir and organ are augmented by instrumental accompanists, including area professionals and FPC's own, home-grown musicians (amateur and professional).  Albert Wood's keyboard skills are one fine example. Susan Gierthy's oboe is equally inspiring. And did we mention Helen Lewis's cello?

Special music is a must around special times, like Advent, Lent, Christmas Eve, Good Friday and Easter Sunday - not to mention Pentecost. From classical to contemporary - harp, oboe, cello, guitar, and even banjo have a home at FPC.

Previous classical musical offerings have included Puccini's Magnificat, Britten's Ceremony of Carols and Mozart's Dominican Vespers.

Our Good Friday  services, as can be expected, have offered more somber musical fare, including Bach's Christ Lag in Totesbanden, Haydn's Seven Last Words, the classic Requiem by Gabriel Fauré, and Maurice Duruflé's REQUIEM, a French composition heavily influenced by his contemporary Fauré.

For Good Friday in 2010 and 2011, FPC offered an evening Taizé Service  of music and meditation in the style of the ecumenical monastic community in Burgundy, France.

Click here  to listen to FPC's 2010 rendition of Watch and Pray.

Vocalists and instrumentalists from the ranks of the Chancel Choir provided evocative, contemplative sound befitting that solemn occasion.

Good Friday 2010
Taizé Service

Guest Artists:
First Pres also encourages local talent from the Capital District to share their artistry with us.  

A recent example, violinist Clare Criscione, who accompanied the choir on Ransom of a Soul (by David Ashley White), then captivated our congregation with her rendition of Adoration by Felix Borowski.

Click on the underlined titles to listen to each piece.  

But wait!  There's still more.  At First Pres you can count on tantalizing, energetic postludes to propel you to our Assembly Hall for a time of fellowship.

Postludes like Ben April's recent rendition of Aram Khatchaturian's Toccata in E-flat minor.

Past musical presentations by FPC youth
included a 2009 production of Godspell Junior under the direction of Christy D'Ambrosio, accompanied by Fiona McKinney, with choreography by Amy Scarlett.

That high-energy production was followed in 2010 by The Roar of the Devils . . . The Small Voice of God, under the direction of FPC's energetic and talented Youth Director Christy D'Ambrosio, assisted by Barbara Speck, and accompanied by Albert Wood.  

In 2011 it was The GivingTree, another soulful musical with a timeless message. And 2012 brought us a grownup version of Godspell.

In the spring of 2013, FPC Youth brought us The Prince of Eqypt.

That was followed by The Lion King in 2014.  

And then there was their dynamite 2015 performance of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE BEATLES!

We wonder what they have up their sleeves for 2016?

Click here for a sampling of the Chancel Choir's efforts - excerpts from an Advent Vespers, faithfully reproduced by our resident audio engineer, Wesley Frank.

Then check out FPC's own MTV - music videos !

In a hurry?  Then lend an ear to Susan Gierthy's rendition of Gabriel's Oboe by the prolific Italian composer Ennio Morricone (Clint Eastwood would approve).