Ash Wednesday Taizé Service

Event details

  • Sunday | February 14, 2018
  • 6:00 pm

Please join us at 6:00 pm.  This service is patterned after worship in the ecumenical community of Taizé.  Their sung and silent participatory prayer services are designed for contemplation through music, song and silence. The brothers of Taizé explain, “Short chants, repeated again and again, give it a meditative character.  Using just a few words, they express a basic reality of faith, quickly grasped by the mind.  As the words are sung over many times, this reality gradually penetrates the whole being.” Scripture is read slowly, candles are to enhance contemplative worship.  The different tempo of the Taizé service encourages us to break away from the hurried sense of our lives and breathe in the presence of Christ and community.

Join us for a light supper after the service .