first-pres-23Founded in 1763, First Presbyterian is an intergenerational congregation with a welcoming spirit that attracts individuals living in the outlying suburbs and villages, as well as in the City of Albany. Our “tent” is large and intentionally inclusive. From the new-born to 90-something, we represent a wonderful mix of races and heritages, drawing from both American and international traditions. Sexual orientations and family status vary greatly among us. Some of us struggle with physical challenges. Special attention is paid to families with children and teenagers through the development of a robust Christian education program that serves all ages.

Anyone exploring the faith for the first time is welcome at First Pres. While our congregation tends to be progressive in thinking both theologically and socially, it is with a spirit of openness and frank discussion that we welcome all who struggle with the Bible and pressing issues of our day. Connecting faith with action is a principle our congregation holds dear. We believe Jesus’ teachings and presence can help give an individual, a family, a church or a whole society a noble purpose that can improve our lives.