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Our Logo & Core Message

The First Presbyterian Church of Albany has a strong history as an active leader in the community. Coming out of a two-year global pandemic, we wanted a reimagined logo, visual identity, and core message that pays homage to that rich history while also looking ahead to our future as a congregation and our new mission statement.  

Our Core Message

Our core message, ‘Bringing the light of faith to all,’ reflects our commitment to inclusivity and active engagement in sharing our faith. By emphasizing ‘all,’ we affirm our dedication to welcoming everyone. The reference to ‘light’ directly relates to the visual imagery of our logo and resonates with those seeking spiritual growth.


Our Logo 

Our refreshed symbol reflects our well-known stained-glass windows, designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Frederick Symetz Lamb. When lighted at night, the two walls of windows can be seen from State and Willett Streets in the heart of the city we proudly serve. 

Our Color Palette

Our color palette of orange and gray infuses First Pres’ branding with a modern and progressive aesthetic. This blend of hues strikes a balance between tradition and innovation, reflecting our forward-thinking approach.

  • Orange is a warm, vibrant hue that holds significance in the history of both the City of Albany and Protestantism. 
  • Gray is a balanced complementary hue representing stability and neutrality, which can convey a sense of tradition and reliability. 

Our Typography

First Pres uses high-quality open-source brand fonts that are practical, accessible, and ethical for our communication materials, branding assets, and digital platforms.  

  • Work Sans (headlines) is a strong sans-serif face that has clean lines and easy legibility.
  • Source Serif (body copy) is a beautiful open-source serif face that carries on the tradition of beautiful letterpress typefaces.