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At a Presbyterian church, Deacons have various roles focused on service, care, and support within the congregation and the broader community. Their overarching mission is to embody Christ’s love through acts of service and compassion.

What do the deacons do at
First Pres?

The Board of Deacons is a group of members dedicated to providing hospitality and care, inspired by Jesus’ compassion and the early church, in Acts, chapters 6 and 7.

Our Activities:

  • Listening and Caring: We stay in touch with church members who are in need or celebrating significant events, offering support in difficult times.
  • Visiting the Sick and Lonely: We visit and provide comfort to those who are ill, lonely, or in need of support. We provide a greeting card ministry in Assembly Hall so anyone can send a card to a friend or member in time of need.
  • Regular Contact: We keep in touch through email, cards, phone calls, and home visits. We also deliver worship flowers to those in hospitals, rehab, or at home.
  • Fellowship Time: We oversee fellowship time after Sunday worship, welcoming contributions of light snacks and refreshments.

Additional Roles:

  • Communion: We help prepare and distribute the elements for communion.
  • Funeral Services: We assist with receptions following funeral memorial services.

How to Get Involved:

A Deacon serves for 3 years, but anyone can help with congregational care. If you’re interested in participating in one of these ministries or becoming a Deacon, let us know!

For more information, please contact Pastor Glenn via phone or email.