At First Presbyterian, we view giving as an act of worship and a year-round spiritual practice. Pledges of time, talent, and treasure are welcome from members or friends at any time during the church year. Time and talent giving can include involvement in a wide variety of activities—be it campaigning for living wages, tutoring inner-city school children, volunteering at the FOCUS Churches’ food pantry, singing in the choir, carpooling with other members, providing hospitality after services, or teaching Sunday School (for example).

First Presbyterian Church strongly encourages all our members to be active stewards of their God-given blessings by giving to the church. In fact, one of the five expectations of membership is to participate in the annual stewardship campaign and other various ministries of the church. Your particular gifts are a matter between you and God, and we encourage your prayerful consideration of such.

Over 60% of our funding comes from individual financial commitments made by members each year. These gifts fund our mission to reduce the widening gap between the rich and poor. They also provide the salaries for our staff, denominational mission giving, as well as the many programs we provide for our members and friends. These funds also pay for the annual denominational contribution of $43 per active member. We strongly encourage everyone to consider including this amount in their annual pledge.



The most important way to give to First Pres is to pledge, to contribute a certain amount for a specific year. For current members and friends, this pledge is made on Consecration Sunday every fall. We encourage members joining throughout the year to pledge soon after they have joined the church and then after on each successive Consecration Sunday.

Pledge Now

Legacy Giving

For more than 250 years, First Presbyterian has been a beacon of light in Albany.  By making a legacy gift to support the life, ministry, and mission of our congregation, you can help ensure that we continue to carry the light forward in our community for another 250 years.

Make Your Legacy


Another way to give to First Pres is to make a direct contribution. Contributions can be given at any time. You can donate in cash, by check, by debit or credit, or through a transfer of stock.


Your gift or bequest to First Presbyterian’s Endowment Fund will help sustain our congregation. Including First Presbyterian in your estate planning also helps secure our congregation’s mission. Please call the church’s Office Administrator, Jamie Mamone, to arrange an appointment with a Legacy Giving Committee member to discuss.


Regardless of how you give, there are several ways to pay.


By Check

You can mail a check to First Pres or place a check in the collection plate on Sunday. You can also set up automatic payments through your own bank. Please call the church’s Office Administrator, Jamie Mamone, for more information on this option.

By Cash

If you wish a cash contribution to be recorded in your name, please enclose it in an envelope with your name on it and put it in the collection plate. Blank envelopes are available in the pew racks.

Transfer of Stock

You can pay by transferring ownership of stock to First Presbyterian. Please call the church’s Office Administrator, Jamie Mamone, for more information.