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Bringing the Light of Faith to All

Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Albany 

Founded in 1763, the First Presbyterian Church of Albany (“First Pres” for short), has been an active leader in the community, ministering to the needs of people both in the neighborhood and around the world. We are a congregation that works for peace and justice in our society.

No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum, whether you’re deeply committed to the Christian faith, just starting to investigate Christianity, or anywhere in between, you’re welcome at First Pres. 

Glenn and Miriam Lawrence Leupold, Co-Pastors


We practice traditional worship but without a conservative message. We’re on the side of Jesus — we try to do what he says instead of what people wish he said.


Worship shows the world what we value. Helping the poor teaches our children what we value. Everything we do has an educational component.


We actively engage with the needs of our local neighborhood, city, and global community, applying our faith in action to serve others and work for peace and justice.

First Fridays at
First Presbyterian

First Friday at First Presbyterian is a monthly arts night showcasing the Capital Region’s talented musicians and visual artists. It’s an opportunity for First Pres members, Albany residents, and the wider Capital Region community to share fellowship and build connections through art and music.